« "I chose some time ago to address you through the means of light.Light is the Divine! To photograph – to write with light – is to have the opportunity to express oneself in a variation of infinite combinations, which are always renewed in order to sublimate life in its simplest beauty but also its most complex beauty, the most unexpected, the most sensual, where everything is one and each one is essential.
To write with light is to communicate using delicate, intricate threads but in a decisive manner, to link us to each other as well as to the natural world around us through a universal language everyone understands. Its vocabulary goes back to the mists of time."

From « FINLANDE - Le Cri Du Silence » by Brys BONNAL

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  ... Whilst the adult badger continued his wanderings with nose to ground level, the one year old fox had a more suspicious attitude and trotted across the glaze hastely, only...

Story of Mythic Meeting

Story of Mythic Meeting

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  I have been in the forest already several hours, busy photographing a group of Red Colobus - highly endangered species. I was lucky that these monkeys descended to my level...

Out of Safari

Out of Safari

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  From Namib Desert to Victoria Falls .... A wonderful safari amidst breathtaking sceneries. The richness of wildlife and human encounters was a wonder of every moment. This trip of 8000...